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Hope's Song (13 Apr 12)
Our Love Never Grows Old (22 Mar 12)
Getting There (21 Feb 12)
Wishing Upon a Star (8 Feb 12)
In the Forest (16 Jan 12)
The Highway (16 Jan 12)
Prayer For Friends (3 Jan 12)
Christmas Time (22 Dec 11)
Love is the Answer (9 Oct11)
A Love Song (9 Aug 11)
That's God (5 Aug 11)
Where flowers bloom so does hope (25 July11)
Eventide (6 July11)
Forever Friends (16 May 11)
I am with you always (21 Mar 11)
To Each His Own
(20 Feb 11)
My Perfect Child (24 Jan 11)
Evening Prayers (27 Dec 10)
No Christmas This Year (8 Dec 10)
The Key to Friendship (15 Nov 10)
My Prayer 1 (18 Oct 10)
Everyday is Thanksgiving Day (10 Oct 10)
The Golden Road (23 Sep10)
The Knots of Prayer (20 Sep10)
A letter from Daddy (16 Aug 10)
Remember Today (15 Jul 10)
Why Keep Trying (23 Jun 10)
Peeking in God's Mind (7 Jun 10)
Come to my window (25 May 10)
Mud Puddles and Dandelions (8 May 10)
Forever Young (28 Apr 10)
They missed him (12 Apr 10)
The Most Beautiful Flower
(19 Mar 10)
Remined Me, God (20 Feb 10)
The Key to Love (11 Feb 10)
A Candle
(3 Feb 10)
A Birthday Prayer (13 Jan 10)
A New Year’s Prayer (3 Jan 10)


A Birthday Prayer
A Parent's Prayer
A prayer for Friends
A prayer for guidance
A prayer for our sick
A Prayer for the New Year
Another Day by Grace E Easley
Be With Me
Closing of the day
God Loveth Me
God Is Really There
God please walk with me
Evening Prayers
I Prayed For You Today
Just a Breath Away
Many Requests to God
My Prayer
Prayer for Autumn Days
Remind Me, God
Sea of Life
Serenity Prayer
Take a walk with God in the evening
Thank you God for creating Prayer
The Alzheimer's Prayer
The Highway
The Knots of Prayer

The Prayer of St. Francis
Were You There...Father?
Wishing Upon a Star


A friend committed to being there always
A Birthday Prayer
A candle of memories
Across the Miles
Autumn's Wishes
Beautiful rainbow wishes for friends
Best wishes for a cherished friend
Celebrating Internet Best Friends
Do you have friends like this?
Friendship and happiness
Friends are a gift
Friends sending their love
Forever Friends
How friendships happen
I'll be There
Key to Friendship
Leaving more than Heartprints
My Hope For You
Praying for Friends
Seasons of our lives
Send this to celebrate friendships
Sharing what I see
Special friends in your life
Thanks to a special friend
Wishes of love


A Love Song is..
A mother missing her son
A Parent's Wish
A Teacher's attitude
As long you haven't quit, you haven't failed
Audrey Hepburn's advice on staying beautiful
Avoid the easy options
Be Alive
Beauty is every where if you are prepared to see it
Because you are important
Cherish your relationships because they will expire
Choices we made in life
Coping with living alone
Doing your best is worth it
Each of us has a special role
End of a Marriage
Even if it doesn't look it, God is there
Failure, why nobody should fail
Friends, choose them wisely
Faith is the door opener to life
I am with you always
Gifted and talented but not succeeding?
Giving your way to happiness
God Gave Us

God's surprising answers to prayers
God, where are you?
Happiness is the measure of success
Hewing your own path
How God shows His Love
How we grow
In life, ask for the sky!
Is the grass greener next door?
Keep Walking
Life, what it is
Life, what really counts in living

Life is a learning journey
Life is like riding the train
Little things are the most important
Looking back at life
Love in its purest form
Love yourself first
My Perfect Child
Never too late to start again
Never too old to begin anew
Obstacles in life prepare you for success
Realize that you truly lack nothing
Reasons to be grateful
Seeing God's creation in a rose

Spring always comes
Spring has arrived
Strength and courage are not the same
The building blocks for Success
The Life in the Forest
The privilege of Prayer
The value of gentle patience
Time is needed to understand love
To change world, begin with yourself first
Tomorrow offers another chance
Trust God to take charge
Turning Tear Drops int Pearls
What God might say about how we live
What is a Man
What is worth cherishing and keeping
What it means to let go
Why Silence?
Why we need to forgive
Yes, My Savior Loves Me


Advice for newly weds
Coping with long distance love
Finding your love
Fond Memories
Love is life, learn its truth and live it
Our Love Never Grows Old
Our paths will meet again
Precious Moments
Maturing in love
Sharing beautiful eternal messages of love
The Golden Road
The Key to Love
To my Soulmate


Accepting the world as it is
Accepting people as they come
All creation sings to the creator
Celebrating Autumn
Celebrating the end of a day
Dealing with uncertainty
Dreams begins as tiny seeds
Eternal life, a promise made good
Everyday is for giving Thanks
Get in front and look ahead
Having Hope
How our heart feel in Autumn
How we learn to be thankful
How we see matter
If today is the last day
If you have lost a child
It is true, I'm so blessed
Make Today a wonderful day
Meaning of Children
One of these days
Rainbows will come after the storms
Respecting the Weird
See the flwowers, fell the hope
Seeing God in Nature
Secret of staying young
So grateful for today
The path to becoming really yourself
The problem is you; not the world
The Simple Joys of Life
Think you can, that is the way to begin
Today is Special
Today is the real present
Welcoming Autumn
What the stars could mean to you
Winning attitudes


A prayer of amazing love to aspire to
A prayer of faith at the end of the day
Anger, how to deal with it
Attitudes are Important
Autumn, Feel it!
Avoid misunderstandings
Be a builder. That's the way to live
Born to love but we lost it
Cherish our Beautiful Earth
Committed to do good today
Crossing the bridges of life
Do you have what it takes to succeed
Don't be sunk. Start over again
Don't follow the crowd
Don't procrastinate your relationships
Don't short change yourself
Don't worry your life away
Enjoying God's Creation
Facing death with equanimity and courage
Few people make time for these important things

Freedom comes from living courageously
Gracefully accepting the twilight of life
Hold fast to your ideals
Hold on to the sources of Life's meaning
How to cope with this world
I'm Sorry
It matters that we share
It is the heart that counts
Keep climbing, never give up
Keep trying because perseverance matters
Leave no regrets
Learning to Love
Leave the past behind. You are not going that way
Life is for sharing and love
Live life without regrets
Loving kindness and the pressures of life
Make things happen
Never Worry
No time for old age
Only the one who dares to risk is truly free
Pass Love On
People at peace with themselves do these things
Pray to love others, the rest will follow
Seeing as kids do
Some very good Do Nots advice
Stretch yourself and shoot for the best
Take a walk amongst Nature
There is no choice about love
Treasures we can share
The tone is louder than the voice
Turn on Your Sunshine
Welcome Change
What is a good day
What most women would like to say to their men
What you should remember or forget
Wisdom for the road
You must decide
Your thinking is your life


A heartfelt prayer for God to be with us always
A plea to God amidst life's turmoils
A single Red Rose to remember a wife gone home
Comforting the sick
Caring for a terminally ill husband
Coping with heart break
Coping with loss of a child
Death, but I didn't actually die
Death of a Friendship
God, how He guides you in adversity
God is Intervening
God is near, talk to him
Hold fast to your faith
Let the tears flow, you will feel better
Life is worth it despite severe trials
Life: What it offers you
Look for God and find Him in trials
Losing a friend to cancer
Losing one's father
Losing one's mother
Love is the Answer
Our departed loved ones remain close to our hearts
Praying for Others
Reach out to the Alzheimer sufferer
Reasons for Faith
Saying good bye to our pet dog
Shortages and suffering teach us gratefulness
Teachers don't lose hope
The things that cancer cannot take away
Waiting for the soldiers to come home
Where is God when you need Him?
Why an unfair world is a beautiful world
Why you musn't quit
You - Bereavement
You can survive job loss
You have it to be resilient
You were there with me!


A letter from Daddy
Children are most important
Going beyond school
Happiness is your choice
How to be a good father
Mothers learning to let go of a growing up kid
Mother letting go of daughter
Parenting is about walking your talk
There is no reason to lose hope
Typical parenting mistakes
Welcome every day with full of possibilities
Wisdom in fathering
You can rise above your difficulties

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