Flash Movies on the Facts of Life

A Dozen Roses Giving your way to happiness

A Keeper What is worth cherishing and keeping

A Love Song is a mystery from God for the heart

A Love Story Time is needed to understand love

A Reason, a Season or a Lifetime Cherish your relationships because they will expire

A rosebud Trust God to take charge

A Special Place Each of us has a special role

An Interview with God What God might say about how we live

Another Chance Tomorrow offers another chance

Beauty Beauty is every where if you are prepared to see it

Beauty Tips from Audrey Hepburn Advice on staying beautiful

Changing the World To change world, begin with yourself first

Don't Quit As long you haven't quit, you haven't failed

Forgiveness Why we need to forgive

Friendly Obstacles Obstacles in life prepare you for success

Getting There Hewing your own less traveled path

God gave us He is motivated by his love for us

God's Fragrant Rose Seeing God's creation

God Loves Me Yes! My Savior Loves Me

Happiness On Hold Why people stay unhappy

He Gathers Every Tear Drop Give you tears to God

I'm Alive

I am with you always God is always with us

In the Forest The hidden magic of the forest

Law to Love How God shows us His Love

Life is Life, what it is

Life is a Journey Keep walking

Life's advice from Mother Teresa Life, what really counts in living

Life's Wages
In life, ask for the sky!

Life on the Train Life is like train rides

Little Wonders Little things are the most important

Looking back at life The Vallyes of Life

Many Requests to God God's surprising answers to prayers

Me First Love yourself first




Measure of Success Happiness is the measure of success

My Perfect Child Handicapped but perfect

Nothing is lacking Realize that you truly lack nothing

Patience, Perseverance, Persistence Gifted and talented but not succeeding?

Promise of Spring Spring always comes

Rules for being Being Human Life is a learning journey

New Beginnings Never too late to start again

Silence Its value

Springtime wonder Spring has arrived

Strength and Courage Strength and courage are not the same

Striving for Change The value of gentle patience

Thank You God For Creating Prayer The privilege of Prayer

The Easy Roads Avoid he easy options

The Final Analysis Doing your best is worth it

The Greatest Love Love in its purest form

The Gunless Friend Friends, choose them wisely

The Invitation Be Authentic

The Oak Tree How we grow

The Road Not Taken Choices we made in life

The Road to Success The building blocks for Success

The Seeker God, where are you?

The Strength of a Man What is a man really?

The Story of Rose Never too old to begin anew

The Teacher - An instrument of Power

The Truth about Failure Failure, why nobody should fail

Through someone else's eyes Is the grass greener next door?

To Let Go What it means to let go

To My Grown-up Son A mother missing her son

Were You There Father? Yes, he was there

What Is Faith Faith is the door opener to life

Without You End of a Marriage

Who lives Alone Coping with livng alone

You are Important Because you really are!

You are so Blessed Reasons to be grateful

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