Flash Movies on Prayers

A Birthday Prayer

A Parent's Prayer A parent's private confession and prayer on how to be a better prayer. It is starkly honest and humble.

A prayer for Friends A list of hopes and wishes true friends would send to each other

A prayer for guidance Know that the character of God never fails. Therefore He is completely trustworthy.

A prayer for our sick Someone is sick. Send him or her this poem to remind all of us what is truly important.

A Prayer for the New Year What would you pray for in the coming year? Pray and share this prayer and have a blessed and fulfilling year ahead

Another Day by Grace E Easley A beautiful prayer of thanksgiving

Be With Me A heartfelt prayer for God to be with us always.

Closing of the day A prayer of faith at the end of the day

Evening Prayers Toughts of a loving God we pray to in the evening

Eventide Take a walk with God in the evening

God Loveth Me All my trials and troubles, God loves me

God Is Really There God has place a limit to how much suffering we will endure or trials we will suffer

I Prayed For You Today Telling a friend that God has heard his/her prayer




Just a Breath Away God is just a breath away reached by simple and humble prayer with all of nature the seasons declaring His presence.

Many Requests to God God helping us to reach him

My Prayer A heart felt prayer in times of adversity seeking peace and rest.

My Prayer God please walk with me

Prayer for Autumn Days Autumn often gets us into the mood of prayer

Remind Me, God Praying for faith

Sea of Life God never fails to support you

Serenity Prayer The classic poem by Reihold Niebuhr on facing adversity and coming to terms with insurmountable odds with wisdom and acceptance.

Thank you God for creating Prayer Through prayer, help is on the way.

The Alzheimer's Prayer Don't try to understand Alzheimer. Just reach out and touch someone who is suffering from it.

The Highway Prayer for God's guidance through life's paths.

The Knots of Prayer The nots of prayer, untie them.

The Prayer of St. Francis Timeless wisdom from this medieval saint that is even more relevant in a fast changing world where we feel so powerless, vulnerable and frustrated

Were You There...Father? You thought he wasn't but in the end he was there

Wishing Upon a Star With your wishing, turn them into prayer too.

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