Flash Movies on Life's Trials

A prayer for our sick Comforting the sick

A Teacher's Day of Hope Don't lose hope in the students

Be With Me A heartfelt prayer for God to be with us always

Born Resilient You have it to be resilient

Cancer is so limited
The things that cancer cannot take away

Comes the Dawn
Coping with heart breaks

Coping with Job loss
You can survive job loss

Death of a Friendship
Coming to terms with it

Do not stand at my grave, and weep
Death, but I didn't actually die

Don Not Quit Some good reasons for not quitting early

Fathers who are no longer among us Remembering father who has passed away

Footprints in the Sand
Where is God when you need Him?

God is There Look for God and find Him in trials

Hidden Blessings in an Unfair World
Why an unfair world is a beautiful world

If you never Shortages and suffering teach us gratefulness

I Prayed For You Today Praying for others in adversity

I Lost My Friend to Cancer The memory of a best friend

Just a Breath Away God is near, just talk to him


Keep the faith Hold fast to your faith, don't give up

Letter from Heaven Our departed loved ones remain close to our hearts.

Life's Tug of War
Life: What it offers you

Love is the Answer God's love ensures that

Mothers who are no longer among us
Remembering mother who has passed away

My Gift in Life
Caring for a terminally ill husband

My Prayer
A plea to God amidst life's turmoils

Old Shep Remembering a dead pet

One Red Rose Remembering a wife gone home

Remind Me, God Reasons for Faith

Roses of Life
Life is worth it despite severe trials

Sea of Life You were there with me!

That's God God is intervening in your life

The Alzheimer's Prayer Reach out to the Alzheimer sufferer

The Will of God
God, how He guides you in adversity

Till you come home again
Waiting for the soldiers to come home

When You Are Missing Me Coping with the loss of a child

Yesterday's Tears
Let the tears flow, you will feel better

You Bereavement, In rememberance.

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