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A Letter From Daddy
Copyright © 04-30-05 by Kay Brewer

My child, you are a gift from God
Sent to us to care for and to love.
While you will always call me Daddy,
Your true Father lives in heaven above.

It will be my job to guide you well,
To teach you what you need to know.
To keep you safe, away from harm
As down the path of life you go.

When you are little I'll hold your hand,
And try to show you right from wrong.
Giving you daily the food you'll need.
To keep your body healthy and strong.

Time marches on, your world expands.
Outside influences play with your mind.
There is so much more for you to learn,
For the way to follow God you must find.

I may not always stand beside you,
But, your Father, will always be there.
Though the path may often be difficult.
God is close, your troubles to share.

He'll lead you safely through each storm.
He'll lead you through the darkest night.
No matter what your trials and tribulations.
The path He'll lead you on will feel just right.

And, so, my child, go forth full of faith,
Keeping your heart full of hope and love,
For when you are grown and my job is done,
All your needs will be met by your God above.