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Evening Prayers
Copyright © 2009 by Glenna M. Baugh

Many softly whispered prayers of faith,
Went soaring through the night
Past the moon and clouds
And the twinkling stars so bright.

Floating, swirling gracefully
Past all bonds of earthly cares
Destined for God in Heaven
They made the journey there.

Softly, gently on sweet angel's wings
Flying with happy delight
Lifting the whispered prayers of faith
As they soared upward through the night.

Spanning time and distance
These softly whispered prayer requests
Fluttered into the heart of God
And there they came to rest.

God was moved with compassion,
When He heard each faithful prayer
He answered each and every one
Sending them on angels wings into the air

Across the span of time and space they flew
Past the moon and stars twinkling bright
Surrounded by happy laughter
Answered prayers soaring through the night.

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