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God Loveth Me
Grace E. Easley

Sometimes I get to thinking
Of the way You care for me,
And I feel so very humble,
That such a thing could be.

For I'm only just a creature,
That you fashioned out of clay,
But You're always making sure that I
Have all I need each Day.

Sometimes when I am worried,
And I don't know what to do,
And things don't seem to work out,
I always run to you.

And what I thought were problems,
Vanish 'neath Your hand,
You take the time to listen,
And you always understand.

My dwelling may be humble,
But You share my small abode,
And when I feel I'm sinking,
You are there to lift the load.

And I count myself the luckiest,
That anyone can be,
Because I know beyond a doubt,
...My Savior loveth me!

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