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Who Lives Alone
Grace E. Easley

"She lives alone" I heard him say
Who sadly cast a glance my way
"It must be hard, when day is done,
To set the table just for one

What does she do when twilight falls,
All alone within those walls?
It is a shame she's missing out,
On what the world is all about

I paused a moment in surprise,
Then turned and gazed into his eyes,
And felt a pang of sympathy,
For those who LOOK but do not SEE

Within each soul God puts a spark
Of purest hope that lights the dark,
And in each life however small,
The faith to muddle through it all

Within each heart He does abide,
However forms and features hide
The patient strength His hands bestow,
Upon us mortals here below

Who lives alone should never be
The object of one's sympathy,
For moments worth their weight in gold,
Are often ours to have and hold

To reach the door and turn the key,
And know He's waiting there for me,
With time for thought and time for prayer,
How light the burdens that I bear

And though I set a place for one,
He's with me 'til the meal is done,
And evermore and constantly,
I have the Lord for company