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Poem by Marilyn Ferguson in memory of her late friend Janis Witte who lost her life to breast cancer



I Lost My Friend to Cancer
Copyright © 2009 by Marilyn Ferguson

Dear friend, you cannot fathom
The love I had for you
You always gave compassion
To everyone you knew.

Your heart was full of kindness
Your soul was filled with peace
Your faith could not be shaken
Your light will never cease.

Your joy flowed like a fountain
Refreshing everyday
So clean, so pure, so simple
Like rain that falls in May.

Your smile was like the sunshine
As fresh as any flower
A heart as big as Texas
As steady as a tower.

You praised God for each hour
For each and every day
You lived life to its fullness
And took the time to pray.

So many acts of kindness
You spread throughout the year
A hug was always waiting
For those that you held dear.

You had a love for babies
And fuzzy kittens too
Unending love for family
And special friendships, too

A husband, son and sisters
Just to name a few
So many other people
Now miss you like I do.

No longer do your emails
Come to my screen each day
Through all those years of writing
We always found a way.

You traveled through the valleys
Your eyes fixed on the sky
Like Job found in the Bible
You never questioned why.

God took you to His mansion
What rejoicing there must be
When He took away your cancer
And He set your spirit free.

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