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This was the last poem I received from Glenna before she returned to the Lord. RIP Glenna.

She must have written this for her Bob.


Our Love Never Grows Old
Glenna M. Baugh © 2011

We are in the twilight years of our life
Our memories are pure gold
Having coped with tears and strife
Our love never grows old.

It was in the the early springtime
When our love flamed bright and true
God has truly blessed us
And after many years our love is still new.

Each year our lives have become richer
And we have aged like fine wine
And love is so much sweeter
With the passing of time.

We know not what the future holds
Or when our time together ends
But God has helped us to endure
By His grace we are safe and secure.

Now our twilight years are in God's hands
And each prayer we know He understands
As we yield our all to Him each day
Our love never grows old when God we obey.

"In our twlight years
love never grows old"
~Quote by Glenna~

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