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Roses of Life


My Prayer
Copyright 2004 by Kitt Jenae

Just when I feel I'm on Life's even keel,
It seems to again hand me a rough deal.
I struggle to rest and go with the flow,
But my human emotions bulge and blow.

Riding out such storms sure isn't easy,
Patience wanes and I'm left feeling queasy.
I strive to ride your assurances' wing,
Though guilt and fear creep in for not trusting.

My human instinct tends to fight life's ways,
Instead of adhering to what you say.
God, help install your promises as tools,
To find the peace in the mist of life's duels.

Help smooth out these waves on this sea of life,
Raise my confidence in my human strife.
Please Dear God, forgive all my humanness.
I need to hear your words more, my thoughts less.

Calm this inner storm with your promises,
So I can rest in your assurances.


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