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Tell Me About the Stars
Copyright 2000 by Mr Doug

Raise your eyes and look above
After the sun has set
The sky is filled with twinkling stars
Covering the world like a net

No two stars are just the same
In size or shape or light
But each one shines and glimmers
Twinkling with all its' might

Ever wonder how they got there
Ever wonder what they're for
Ever wonder if there's room enough
To squeeze in just one more

I think I know the reason why
Those little stars are there
And if you'll give me half a chance
My thoughts, with you, I'll share

Each of us has borne a loss
Of a loved one close and dear
Someone with whom we shared a life
Someone that is no longer near

But though this love was taken
And in Heaven they now live
Each has now become a star
And a Twinkle to us - they give