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Celebrating Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving Dinner

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In Time for Thanksgiving
Copyright 2006 by Kwek Sing Cher

Time is rushing by,
Because that is what it's like
So unless we slow down,
We might feel that we have never lived

Memories of decades passed,
Are so fresh and vivid in my mind,
Images and feelings all rolled into one,
It is like they just happened yesteday

If decades are collapsed into days,
Then what remains of the years ahead,
We will feel like we haven't even began to live,
And it is all very soon coming to an end

But the laws of nature tells me,
The arrow of time is constant
No, our feelings do not lie,
A thousand years to God is but a day

So as we race toward eternity,
We feel time more like God feels
We feel that much Nature's laws remained
For us to yet discover

We exaggerate Time's importance,
It is just a marker for events
After helping us to record so many,
We naturally feel that not many remain

Yet life is not measured by the number of events,
But the meaning that each one brings
Hence God gives us the Seasons,
And the Special Occasions to celebrate

These were lead-in lines of our lifes' stories,
They made our lives beautiful,
By enriching our relationships,
And gave them meaning

And the most meaningful of them all,
Must be Thanksgiving!
Only when we learn to give thanks,
Only then we notice how our cups have overflowed

I will slow down in order to Give Thanks!