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Without You
Copyright © 1/17/05 by Melva

In my heart there's no rhyme or song,
As I realize my love for you is gone,
And that it will never return.
Oh how my heart does yearn,

For the days of yesteryear
When to me you were so dear.
My heart was full of love for you.
I thought it would always be true.

Our vows were broken long ago,
3But I hung on because I didn't know.
It didn't have to end this way,
I wanted to be with you always.

We've lost so much that will never be
Because of your indifference to me.
For years my heart you did rend.
Your love you would not extend.

Now you are left all alone
With no way to ever atone.
My love is ashes at your feet,
I turn to go, in defeat.

The wounds will heal in time.
Lives will go on, yours and mine.
My Lord will help me through,
Help me find my way without you.